Protective Solutions

Comprehensive solutions for enhanced safety and security needs

Protective Solutions

Comprehensive solutions for enhanced safety and security needs.

Ballistic Protection
Impact Mitigation

With a focus on protecting individuals and equipment, advanced impact mitigation solutions utilise patented technology. Through a controlled collapsing of polymer-based geometries, superior protection and comfort across various applications. From blast mats and seat cushions for vehicles to body armour trauma plates and helmet protection systems. Innovative solutions ensure safety and enhance performance in demanding environments on land or at sea.

Ballistic Eyewear

Cutting-edge eyewear solutions for enhanced performance. Advanced eyewear delivers unparalleled capabilities, combining distortion-free optics with laser protection technology. Engineered to optimise vision in diverse environments, the lenses provide superior colour depth perception, minimise eye fatigue, and ensure reliable protection against laser threats. Perform at your best in critical missions with lenses designed to your environment.

Armoured Vehicle Electronics Technology

Comprehensive expertise in integrating advanced electronics and systems into armoured vehicles. Specialised knowledge in EMC filters, IR lighting, NATO lighting, battery management, blackout systems, and surveillance equipment. Proficiency in designing robust communications, power systems, telematics and integrated vehicle management solutions and installation.


Comprehensive CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) solutions to address the unique challenges of hazardous environments. Solutions that offer reliable detection, protection and decontamination measures.

Armoured Vehicles

Supporting the manufacturing cycle of armoured vehicles, offering comprehensive solutions for business development within the OEM space. Helping clients create brand awareness and enhance the capability of OEM solutions. Focused on delivering reliable advanced solutions.

Acoustic Detection & Location

Advanced acoustic detection and location systems for varied applications. Sensor array solutions that creates a meshed network, providing comprehensive small arms surveillance without human operators. Designed for urban environments and offer accurate location tracking and post-incident forensic capabilities.

Secure Structures

Secure structures either fixed of transportable solutions with blast proofing and resilience against CBRN with filtering solutions Offering reliable solutions for critical infrastructure, military installations and other high-security facilities.


Robust and adaptable tents for military operation and humanitarian aid. Durable and easy to setup tents provide shelter and security in extreme conditions. From rapid deployment to field hospitals and refugee camps. The tents are designed to meet specific operational needs and ensure the well being of personnel.

Uniforms & Load Carriage

Military uniforms and load carriage systems tailored to customer requirements. Uniforms built for durability, functionality and comfort in challenging environments. Load carriage solutions provide efficient and ergonomic storage for equipment, ensuring optimal performance and mobility.

Protective Solutions

Comprehensive solutions for enhanced safety and security needs