Cutting-edge defence technolgies and tailored solutions to enhance operational efficiency and mission success


Cutting-edge defence technologies and tailored solutions to enhance operational efficiency and mission success. 

Advanced RF & IP Capabilities: Empowering Secure and Seamless Communicaiton

5ixtra offers a comprehensive range of RF and IP capabilities to ensure effective communication and network operations. Our expertise spans radios, waveforms, encryption, antennas, masts, power solutions, electronic warfare systems, network planning, and interoperability. We deliver cutting-edge solutions that enable seamless and secure communication in complex environments, empowering organisations with robust and reliable connectivity. With our integrated approach, we design, deploy, and support tailored systems that optimise spectrum usage, enhance data transmission, and enable effective electronic warfare operations, providing our clients with the competitive edge needed for success in the modern battlefield.

Technology Guidance

We understand that each defence organisation has unique requirements and challenges. Our team of experts works closely with you to understand your specific needs and goals. We offer tailored solutions and technology guidance to address your organisation's specific challenges and maximise operational effectiveness. Our customer solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure and workflows, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption.

End User Consulting

Our end user consulting services provide unbiassed technical information and guidance to help you select the best technologies for your specific needs. With our deep industry knowledge and objective assessments, we empower you to make informed decisions that optimise your operational capabilities and drive mission success.

PACE - Primary Alternate Contingent Emergency

PACE network planning ensures continuous communication during emergencies, enabling rapid response and decision-making. We develop comprehensive PACE strategies, based on unique client requirements.
Our expertise ensures resilient network architecture, redundancy, and seamless execution in critical situations.

RF Communications

5ixtra excels in RF communication, providing comprehensive solutions for seamless and reliable, robust networks. Our expertise spans the design, deployment, and optimisation of RF networks, ensuring optimal coverage, capacity, and performance. With our tailored RF solutions, organisation can achieve enhanced connectivity, secure data transmission, and effective communications in challenging environments.

IP Networks

At 5ixtra, we specialise in delivering cutting-edge IP network solutions that empower organisations to achieve seamless connectivity, secure data transmission, and enhanced collaboration. Our expertise in network design, implementation, and optimisation ensures robust and scalable IP networks that support your critical operations and drive digital transformation. Leveraging our RF knowledge and integration of RF IP based products into networks for those clients who require digital dominance.

Tactical Networks

With a deep knowledge and understanding of tactical networks, 5ixtra excels in providing operational experience in all global environments. Our expertise enables us to design, deploy, and manage robust and secure tactical networks that meet unique requirements of mission critical operations. Trust us for reliable and effective network solutions.

Beyond Line of Sight - BLOS

At 5ixtra, we possess extensive tactical knowledge at the highest operational level and deep experience supporting various entities globally. Our team is well- equipped to advise on BLOS communications, providing expertise in capabilities, requirement, planning and implementation. Trust us to deliver reliable and effective solutions for seamless long-range communications.

Line Of Sight - LOS

With years of experience and in-depth knowledge, 5ixtra is your trusted partner in LOS communications. We understand the importance of making the rights choices for your specific requirements. Our expert team provides tailored guidance and solutions, ensuring optimal performance and reliable communications in LOS scenarios. Count on us for informed decision-making and successful networks.


We specialise in advising and supporting Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET) deployments to unlock their full capabilities, We understand the complexities of MANET networks and provide expert guidance on optimising their performance. From selection got right hardware to designing efficient routing protocols. With our expertise clients can fully harness the potential of MANET enabling seamless communications, enhanced situational awareness and improved mission effectiveness.


SATCOM or Satellite Communications, plays a critical role in both military and commercial operations and blended solutions. At 5ixtra, we have extensive expertise in SATCOM and understand its importance for seamless and reliable communication. Our team provides comprehensive advisory services, helping clients identify and implement tailored SATCOM solutions that meet their specific requirements. From selecting the right satellite provider to optimising bandwidth utilisation, we ensure that you have the necessary capabilities for the mission. Trust us to guide you through the complex landscape of SATCOM and deliver solutions that enhance your operational effectiveness.


At 5ixtra, we specialise in supporting SAT PTT (Satellite Push-to-Talk) capabilities, including integration with ATAK (Android Team Awareness Kit). Our experience team offers expert guidance on network planning, device selection, and operational training to maximise the benefits of SAT PTT and TAK in remote and challenging environments. Enhance your communication and situational awareness with our comprehensive support.

Tactical LTE

Tactical LTE (Long-Term Evolution) is advancing Mission-Critial connectivity. Our expertise in tactical LTE networks enables us to provide reliable and secure communication solutions for military and intelligence operations. WIth a focus on resillenece, mobility, and interoperability, our team can guide you in deploying and optimising tactical LTE networks to meet your mission requirements. Trust us for seamless connectivity in the most challenging environments.

Command & Control - C2

At 5ixtra, we support go-to solutions for Command and Control, ensuring situational awareness (SA) and response capabilities. Our tailored network solutions enable real-time coordination, communicaotn and resource optimisation while providing a Common Operational Picture (COP). From centralised command centres , forward operating bases (FOB) to mobile assets on foot or vehicle borne. We empower organisation to effectively command and control their operation for mission success and oversight.


We posses extensive knowledge and experience in leveraging the power of TAK for enhance situational awareness. Our team specialises in TAK integration, development and customization to meet specific customer requirements. We provide comprehensive support in harnessing the capabilities of TAK, enabling seamless collaboration, data sharing, and mission planning for optimal operational effectiveness. Let us help you unlock the full potential of TAK for your organisation needs.

Applications - APPs

We offer comprehansive support in application development and integration to command and control (C2) solutions. Our team of experts will guide you to align with specific customer requirements. We with identify the correct route for your development ensuring interoperability, data exchange, and enhanced operational efficiency.

Point-to-Point Solutions

High-capacity data links enabling fast and secure transmission of critical information. Designing and implementing secure networks and advanced encryption protocols. Expertise in creating robust and scalable network architecture for seamless connectivity and data exchange.

Deployable Broadband

Deployable broadband solutions provide reliable and high-speed connectivity in remote or temporary environments. With rapid deployment capabilities and compatibility across carrier networks, they enable seamless communication, enhanced situational awareness, and secure data exchange. These robust solutions revolutionise connectivity possibilities, empowering organisation across sectors.

Tactical Audio Solutions

5ixtra assists in the provision of advanced tactical audio headsets, earpieces and intercom solutions. Products feature active noise cancellation and PTT setups, ensuring clear audio communications in challenging environments. Build durability and reliability, they enhance situational awareness and support the needs of military and law enforcement.


We understand the critical role that antennas play in establishing reliable communication networks. Our methodology utilising high-performance antennas ensures optimal network coverage and optimisation, which is ofter overlooked. We prioritise addressing overall communication performance rather than simply increasing power. Our fabric antenna solutions with high gain improve connectivity and optimise usability. With our expertise in modelling networks, we can provide tailored antenna solutions to meet your specific requirements, whether for tactical, covert, or commercial applications.

Electromagnetic Testing

Electromagnetic test solutions play a crucial role in validating the performance of communications systems across a wide frequency range, from MHz to mmWave applications. We support solutions that include powerful graphic software that bridges the gap between ideas and reality, to provide advanced solutions such as near filed test range, robotic arm-based test systems, and full turnkey test environments, ensuring accurate and efficient testing processes.

Masts - Tactical - Commercial

We leverage the game changing capabilities of patented composite technology to provide innovative mast solutions. This unique material allows for quick unrolling into a strong and lightweight structure, enabling rapid deployment in defence, commercial and humanitarian applications. After use the mast can be easily re-rolled for convenient storage and transportation. We also support mast for tactical and commercial applications as required.

Encryption Solutions, Sovereign Capabilities

Cutting-edge encryption solutions to safeguard sensitive information and communications. Soverign capabilities ensuring data security and protection from unauthorised access. Interoperable systems and secure phones with IMSI enhancements for secure and private communications. Military and commercial solutions available.


Interoperability is key in modern communications systems, offering diverse applications from on-device connectivity to centralised exchanges. Our expertise lies in finding the right solution for your needs, incorporation added features, remote linking, and control to ensure connectivity across various platforms and devices.

Electronic Warfare

In modern warfare, electronic warfare plays a vital role in gaining a tactical advantage. We provide advanced electronic warfare systems that enable our clients to detect, analyse, and counter electronic threats effectively. Our solutions encompass electronic surveillance, signal intelligence, and counter measures, empowering defence organisations to maintain dominance in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Counter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - CUAV

We provide expertise in CUAV solutions tailored to customer requirements. We guide customers on selecting the right CUAV systems, considering all factors such as detection, tracking, and mitigation. Our focus on integration and testing ensures effective deployment and optimal performance.

Tactical & Strategic Power

In challenging operational environments, reliable and sustainable power is vital. Tactical power solutions, including power harvesting, solar, wind and ethanol technologies, offer mobility, reduced logistical challenges, and increased mission capabilities. 5ixtra provides expertise in design and implementing tailored power systems for enhanced efficiency, reliability and sustainability.


Cutting-edge defence technolgies and tailored solutions to enhance operational efficiency and mission success